Program Overview

5-7 hrs /week

Learning Efforts

January 2020-Closed

Academic Session


Mode Of Learning

3 Years


The B.Sc.IT is a three year undergraduate programme that provides high-quality academic and technical training in Information Technology.The course covers important concepts of databases and networking, software development and testing, information databases, and programming with deep focus on the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing. Graduates with a background in information technology may perform engineering tasks related to the collection, storage and communication of data between computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices. Information technology as a discipline emphasizing on the secure management and availability of large quantities of complex information through a wide range of systems. The programme objectives are determined with a view that it meets the requirement of the industry that employs our learners. 

The features of the programme include:

  • The curriculum is designed under the steep guidance of industry professionals and subject experts and updated at regular intervals.
  • Study materials for this dynamic programme are shared to the learners through courier.
  • The programme includes subject-based assignments.
  • 24/7 academic & technical student support.
  • Face to face PCP sessions.

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