Bachelor of Business Administration

Program Overview

Demands of skills and competencies are varying at faster pace, due to competitive and rapid market changes predominately in Small and Medium Enterprises, which urges for provision of flexible, work-integrated, continuous training, learning and development opportunities through Higher Education Institutions. There is a dire need for a paradigm shift in the training approaches in the formal and informal sector for developing skills in concurrence to the societal need. The traditional and formal educational delivery may not achieve this at rapidly changing demand with flexible approach. Provision of appropriate skills may thus be an important intervention to increasing the productivity of employment workforce. Distance Learning and Online education is more costs effective and can take place while continuing full-time employment. A team of faculty & professionals from both regular & distance learning institutes & industry determines the objectives. It is then vetted by board studies, academic councils & other university standing boards. The program objectives are determined with a view that it meets the requirement of the industry/business that employs our students. Therefore the consistent interaction with the industry becomes necessary to revise and update the program objective to meet the requirement, coupled with environmental factors.

Program Objectives

1. Students will exhibit practical knowledge of the management concepts and principles in the work scenario.

2. Students will amalgamate learning from theory and experience, and make use of skills developed across functional areas in making effective decisions for business in a dynamic scenario.

3. Students will progress and sustain effective individual and organizational performance by leveraging research and IT skills in a given context.

4. Students will recognize and understand the use of assertiveness and influential skills.

5. Students will exhibit effectual communication skills that augment efficacy of managers.

6. Students will develop positive outlook and ability that create industrious managerial leaders and business networks.

7. Students will become ethically responsible managers that positively impact businesses and society.

8. Students will critically appraise and reflect learning and development throughout their career.

Learning Outcomes

The Learner will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate a strong base of general management and build strong pillars over it in a particular area of specialization (Marketing, Finance, I.T., H.R.M, and Entrepreneurship). Develop an ability to integrate knowledge of one area into other and understand management as a comprehensive concept.
  2. Develop an eye to look out for changes, opportunities and threats in the business environment. Demonstrate ability to use various tools and techniques of research methodology to convert threats into opportunities and weaknesses into strengths.
  3. Critically analyze, evaluate and synthesize data into information relevant to taking business decisions. Improve the value delivery process.
  4. Develop skill and expertise in problem solving. Gain experience in dealing with diverse business situations. Apply requisite research tools and techniques to solve business problems.
  5. Develop interpersonal skills and high degree of verbal non – verbal and written communication. Demonstrate business etiquettes. Interpret and apply principles of cross cultural difference in communication.
  6. Develop highest order of behavioral and interpersonal skills. Demonstrate initiative and lead by example. Practice effectively both as an individual and as a team member.
  7. Recognize and identify diversity in cultures. Show sensitivity to various cultural and environmental issues and demonstrate traits of global business practioner.
  8. Apply ethical business practices to show case highest level of commitment to professional code of conduct in the arena of business management.
  9. Acquire all the necessary skill set to be a manager. Practice creativity. Analyse risks and explore opportunities to create new business propositions. Develop idea generation skills, risk taking ability and ability to convert ideas into business ventures.
  10. Recognize the need for and have preparation and ability to engage in life long learning in the domain of business management.
  11. Assess business environment. Evaluate competitive frame of reference. Determine strategies to overcome challenges.
  12. Identify networking opportunities to improve the value chain. Make use of social media to reach out to stakeholders.

Program Structure

Eligibility Criteria & Duration

Eligibility Criteria for admission –

10+2 from recognised board or equivalent.

For foreign students
  • O Level Certificate (completing 10 years of formal schooling. Diploma Will Not Be acceptable)
  • A Level Certificate (completing 12 years of formal schooling. Diploma Will Not Be acceptable)
  • Certificate of Equivalence from Association of Indian Universities (required by any student with foreign education to apply in any University in INDIA, refer to
  • Graduation degree (3 yrs or 4 yrs degree program. Diploma will not be acceptable)
Procedure For Admissions

a) The University will notify Academic Calendar of Programs/Courses for compliance by ADDOE.

b) Based on the calendar ADDOE finalize the entire schedule of admissions. The student can now file the Application Online uploading the attested copies of relevant documents. The documents are verified at various levels and upon verifying the eligibility payment link is offered to student to pay the fee online through payment gate way. Information brochures and prospectus are available online and can be accessed any time. No fee is charged for this facility.

• Duration of the program: 3 Year

Fee Structure (General)

Year 1 INR 55,000.00
Year 2 INR 50,000.00
Year 3 INR 50,000.00
Total INR 1,55,000.00

Defence Officers

Year 1 INR 46,750.00
Year 2 INR 42,500.00
Year 3 INR 42,500.00
Total INR 1,31,750.00

Other Ranks

Year 1 INR 38,500.00
Year 2 INR 35,000.00
Year 3 INR 35,000.00
Total INR 1,08,500.00
Scholarship Policy Download

Evaluation Policy

  • Evaluation of student performance in each course-unit has two components: (a)internal continuous assessment (course work) and (b) the semester/year examinations which are held at the end of Semester/Academic Year.
  • The level of student academic performance as the aggregate of continuous evaluation and end semester/year examination is reflected by letter grades on a ten-point scale according to the connotations givenbelow:
    Grade Qualitative Value Grade Points
    A+ Outstanding 10
    A- Excellent 9
    B+ Good 7
    B Above Average 6
    B- Average 5
    C+ Satisfactory 4
    c Border Line 3
    F Fail 0
  • Course credit units are integer numbers indicating the weightage assigned to a course unit, project, researchwork, summer internship etc. onthe basisof contact hoursperweek on all learning activities.
  • Thestudent mustscore aminimum Grade 'C+' ineachcourse unit.
  • The minimum passing SGPA for each semester is 4.5 for Under Graduate Programs and 5.0 for PostGraduate, Integrated and DualDegree Programs .
  • Thestudent should secureaminimumoverall Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 6 inthe case of Post Graduate, Integrated and Dual Degree Programs and 5.0 in the case of Under Graduate programs atthe endoffinal year.

Activity Planner (Academic Calendar)