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3 hrs /week

Learning Efforts



January 2020

Batch Begins


Mode Of Learning

3 Months


01 Jan 2020

Last day to Apply

Being poise and confident is not an art but a skill and a skill could always be learned and practiced.

Grooming is mandatory for professional success. It’s the bedrock of an impressive personality.

Amity Groomed is designed to transform the personality of its students into an elegant, smart, self-confident, eloquent and socially well-found individual by positively affecting his and her:

  • Image
  • Etiquettes
  • Dressing Style
  • Professional Skills
  • Leadership Skills


Course Outline

Module I : Resume Writing (1 Hour)

1.Different types of Resume

2.How to avoid common Resume mistakes

3.Learn how to Format & Design your Resume

4.Resume Creation for Learners


Module II: How to Build an Effective LinkedIn Profile (1 Hour)

1.Importance of a LinkedIn Profile

2.How to build an impressive LinkedIn Profile

3.How to Communicate effectively & build connections on LinkedIn

4.Get in-depth insight into the hiring process

5.Create a LinkedIn Profile for learners


Module III: Communication Mastery (6 Hours)

1.Barriers of Communication

2.Effective Communication (Speaking & Listening Skills)

3.Writing Skills (E-mail Etiquette & Business Correspondence)

4.Conversational Techniques & Presentation skills

5.Voice Modulation & Intonation

6.Group Discussion Techniques


Module IV : Interview Skills (3 Hours)

1.Making a Great First Impression (Telephonic & Personal Interview)

2.Body Language & Eye Contact

3.Knowing your Employer

4.Mock Interviews


Module V : Corporate Ethics (3 Hours)

1.Coping up with Corporate Culture

2.People Management

3.Corporate Etiquette

4.Managing Workplace Culture


 Module VI : Personality Enrichment (3 Hours)

1.Positive Emotions and Success

2.Developing Habits for Strong Character

3.Building Self Confidence


Module VII : Leadership Skills (4 Hours)

1.Believing in Yourself & Motivating Others

2.Giving and Receiving Feedback

3.Problem solving

4.Understand and develop lean management and process improvement


Module VIII : Career Planning (3 Hours)

1.First Impressions

2.Setting Breakthrough Goals

3.Professional Excellence


Module IX: Image Consulting & Enhancement (3 Hours)

1.Right Use Of Accessories For Both Men & Women

2.Effective Seasonal Wardrobe

3.Clothes & Corporate Culture


 Module X : Attitude Management (4 Hours)

1.Handling Nervousness & Building Confidence

2.Time Management

3.Anger & Stress Management

4.Work Life Balance

5.Role Play

6.Psychometric analysis (Questionnaire)

Program Break-up


Admission Process and Target Audience -

The Process of Admission Filling in of the Online registration form The complete fee to be paid at the time of admission.

Who should attend:

•All professionals who wants to level up there confidence and self-esteem so that they are able to face unusual and difficult situations with ease.


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