Program Overview

5-7 hrs /week

Learning Efforts



July 2019

Academic Session


Mode Of Learning

1 Year


30 Sep 2019

Last day to Apply

A rigorous one-year (2 semesters) program offering comprehensive study of a wide range of theoretical concepts and functional areas in Marketing Management.

The program provides training in key principles, policies, systems, frameworks, and applications needed to develop skills, improve competency, and build expertise in the subject.

The program is geared to equip learners with flexible patterns of thinking and behavior to succeed as future workers in global multicultural working environments.

The program will benefit working professionals and those seeking entry-level employment or aspiring to be self-employed.

Given its scope, the program will be useful to anybody (with a graduation degree) keen to gain knowledge in the subject area.

Program Features:

  •   Curriculum designed by industry professionals and subject experts and updated at regular intervals  
  •   Dynamic course material shared electronically with 24X7 online learning facility
  •   Self-paced study with guidance from experienced faculty and guest teachers
  •   Includes subject-based assignments and domain-related project dissertation as specialization
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